“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 14, p. 209.

April 6, 1899

EVERY Sabbath law is a bond of union between the church and the world.

THAT an individual is politically saved, is no sign that he is not morally lost.

THE Christian policy of forgiving all trespasses would be suicidal in civil government.

IT is impossible for a State to maintain religion and still keep separate from all the churches.

THE work of the Christian minister is to touch the heart; that of the civil official is to restrain the hands.

THE Puritan spirit will not let a person be at ease without knowing that he is making some other persons ill at ease.

GOD’S Sabbath law provides for rest, with refreshment: man’s sabbath law provides only restraint, without refreshment.

TO PRESERVE individual rights is as large a contract as any civil government can undertake. When it tries to do more, it invariably does less.

THE best thing in the world may become the worst thing by being put to an improper use. This truth is made prominent in the history of religion.

LOVE carries no sword save the “sword of the Spirit.”

THE Bible in one hand of the civil power cannot sanctify the carnal weapon in the other.

IF society cannot be elevated by elevating its members individually, it certainly cannot be elevated en masse.

POLITICAL reform may dam up the stream of social and governmental impurity, but this only causes an overflow. Divine reformation cleanses the fountain head, and so purifies the stream itself.

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