“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 15, p. 225.

April 13, 1899

NO CIVIL law can deliver anybody from moral slavery.

THE State cannot enact religious laws without assuming the attribute of infallibility.

IF righteousness by law were a possibility, the Pharisees would not have been hypocrites.

RELIGIOUS legislation cannot make anybody good, but it can help almost anybody to be bad.

THE devil has no objection to any plan of making men righteous which does not include the exercise of faith.

THE preacher in his God-appointed sphere is a lighthouse, in politics he is a will-o-the-wisp flitting over a swamp.

THE State says mankind needs a “civil Sabbath,” the Creator says man needs a religious Sabbath. Which is right?

IF the Scriptures are true, the time will never come in this present world when the saints will be able to out-vote the sinners.

WHEN Christians take hold of politics, they pull themselves down to the level of the world, but do not pull the world up to the level of Christianity.

IF the “civil Sabbath” is something altogether distinct from the religious Sabbath, as we are told, why must the two always come on the same day?

BEING hopelessly divided as to what is true and right in religion, the preachers now offer to take charge of civil affairs and lead the country into a political heaven!

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