“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 16, p. 242.

April 20, 1899

THE Creator means every man to be a monarch—never himself.

TO OBEY Cesar in any matter of religion is to rob God of his rightful worship.

IF the kingdom of heaven could be set up by vote, it would be liable to political overthrow.

WHEN religion gets into politics, it is only to be expected that politics will get into religion.

THE papacy never asked for anything more than that the State should enforce “the revealed will of God.”

THE individual who is determined to attain popularity must expect to part company with all unpopular truth.

THE business of the Christian Church in this world is not to drive the world to God, but to reflect the glory of God to the world.

TO CLOTHE the State with the attributes of divinity does not elevate the State, but in principle degrades God to the level of a man.

THE man who claims to be a successor of the prophets, is pretty likely to be a descendant of the Pharisees.

YOU cannot legislate or vote good fruit out of a bad tree—good government out of a corrupt people.

THE man who needs a revolution in his own heart to set things right, generally imagines things can only be straightened out by a revolution in society.

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