“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 18, p. 273.

May 4, 1899

IN a really free government all things are subordinate to the individual.

THE church’s power for good is not the power of federation, but the power of godliness.

THE man who can’t keep Sunday without a Sunday law doesn’t want to keep it very much.

A CIVIL government may profess Christianity, but the only religion it can practice is a religion of force.

THE State can depend upon the individual conscience; but the individual cannot depend on the State conscience.

RELIGIOUS error never meets truth without getting very much “disturbed;” but truth is always calm and unprovoked.

A NATION’S prosperity is not measured by the might of its armies and navies, but by the number of blessings enjoyed by the people under its government.

ANY Christian who will spend the Sabbath in the company of the Lord will not be disturbed by all the secular business that can be going on in the world.

JESUS CHRIST has shed all the blood that needs to be shed to insure the full success of Christianity.

THE pretended “successors of Peter” have withdrawn the sword which Peter sheathed at the command of Christ in Gethsemane; but Christ’s command has never been withdrawn.

NEARLY all the States agree that the Sabbath must be “preserved,” but nearly all differ—as the statute books show—in their recipes for preserving it. Would it not be well to determine the correct recipe before carrying “Sabbath” legislation further?

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