“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 21, p. 319.

May 25, 1899

POLITICS and popery naturally flourish in the church together.

IF the pulpit is losing its power, it is not because the gospel has lost any of its power.

CIVIL government cannot be carried into the sphere of religion without antagonizing the work of the gospel.

WHOEVER sets aside human rights sets aside the God who instituted them; and whoever said, God aside does ignore God, but only sets himself aside from God.

THERE is something wrong when men show more deference to the demands of a Sunday law than to the principle of the Golden Rule.

The “civil” Sabbath acknowledges both the civil power and religion as its parents, and hence from proclaims well the child of that evil union—church and state.

AMS God made the Sabbath by resting on the seventh day and the Sabbath is his rest, there can be no real Sabbath rest without God; and as no human law can perfect God, it is plain that no human law can help any person to secure Sabbath rest.

SOME people professing to be Christians are more disturbed by an act some other person does which is contrary to their opinions of right, then by a spirit of hatred and revenge in their own hearts.

The “best people in the world”—the religious people—are the very ones who are fitted to do and are doing the worst thing in politics; that is, forming a union of church and state. The best emperors of pagan Rome were the ones who most rigorously persecuted the Christians; and the more religious the people who engage in politics, the more danger is there that religion will be advanced by political means, and the jurors become united with the state. If the “best people” had kept out of politics, and let the “worst people” run politics, that worst of all things—the union of church and state—would never have been in civil government.

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