“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 22, p. 335.

June 1, 1899

THE law of man is a law of restrictions; the law of God is a “law of liberty.”

THE civil authorities have no right to gather a tribute which belongs to God.

NO MAN is in any danger of losing the Sabbath so long as he maintains faith in God.

LAW and conscience are both essential in their places; but neither one can be substituted for the other.

A PERSON can be an observer of every law of man, and at the same time a violator of every law of God.

CHRISTIAN warfare means death to self; carnal warfare means death to whatever gets in the way of self.

SO LONG as a legislature cannot promulgate spiritual laws, so long will it be powerless to deal with spiritual evil.

THE best thing in the world needs only to be perverted from its proper use to become the worst thing. This is true of perverted religion, and religion is always perverted when it is joined with the compulsion of the civil power.

THE gospel provides that every man shall govern himself, and so declares that every man, civilized or savage, has the right to self-government and liberty.

SELF-GOVERNMENT is a demand of Christianity; hence self-government cannot be denied to a people without the assumption of a right to set bounds to the gospel.

THE man who is “compelled” to work on Sunday for fear of losing his job, is not a slave to his employer, but to his fears.

HE who loses life to preserve conscience, saves both conscience and life; but he who parts with conscience to preserve his life, has surrendered both.

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