“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 27, p. 417.

July 13, 1899

THE boldest anarchy is that which sets aside the oldest law, which is the law of God.

TO compel the observance of unjust statutes, is as vital to good government as to allow the non-observance of just ones.

A PEOPLE who look to no higher source than their legislatures for moral laws, will soon be far below the correct standard of morality in their practice.

AMS “WHATSOEVER is not a faith is sin,” and as enforced Sabbath-keeping is not of faith, such Sabbath observance is sin, and the law which enforces it only serves to make people sin.

CHRISTIANITY aims at purification not by casting out men, but by casting evil out of men; it aims not to purify that which is of the world, but to purify men through renunciation of this world.

GOD allows every individual to govern himself—to be wicked or good, as he may choose; so that whoever is included in the divine government, is governed by his own consent. The Creator is no imperialists.

AMS MORALITY must pertain to the inward thought and motive as well as the outward act, and is no human law can apply further than the outward act, it is certain that human law is wholly inadequate to conserve the interests of morality.

“THE Sabbath was made for man,” not for one man more than for another, nor for any particular class of men. All men have an equal right to it, and no one is answerable to another for his use of it. All this is denied when the majority makes Sabbath observance a subject of legislation.

THE empire of Rome fell when it had carried out to the fullest extent the idea that “Christian institutions”—and especially Sunday observance—must be protected by law. France fell into the French Revolution when it was amply supported by “props” of this character. The empire of Spain, just dissolved—exemplified the same thing. And in the republics of South America, where “Christian institutions”—Sunday included—had long been most fully and firmly enforced by law, there has been the most complete revolution in government. The truth is, religious legislation, so far from protecting the State, is the sure means, sooner or later, of its dissolution.

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