“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 30, p. 465.

August 3, 1899

“LAW and order” was never conserve by Sunday idleness.

PEOPLE who fight the devil with fire, only kindle the blaze more fiercely.

INDEPENDENCE has been many times won by a people, but never once granted.

WHEN personal independence dies out among the people, national independence must quickly follow it.

CHRISTIANITY represents the only government in which there is neither minority nor majority rule.

THE subtlest of all evil doctrines is that which, plainly stated, declares that man can be his own saviour.

LOYALTY to the United States does not demand that the principles of republican government be repudiated for the sake of agreeing with the party in power.

THE fact that rights are God-given, is the ground of hope that will not be finally lost. But he who would finally preserve his rights must ally himself with the infinite Source of power in which they originated.

WHEN a people lose the love of personal liberty and independence, a despotism must inevitably result; for free government cannot possibly be kept alive where individual freedom is lost. In proportion as the people part with this, they erect a despotism over themselves.

CHRISTIANITY is founded upon individualism—the individualism of Jesus Christ; and when individualism is repudiated and set aside for the doctrine which demands the sacrifice of a few for the alleged good of the many, Christianity is denied, no matter what profession is made by the ones that do it.

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