“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 37, p. 577.

September 21, 1899

“WHOSOEVER will,” says Christianity; “everybody must,” says the Sunday law.

“COME unto Me,” says Jesus Christ, “and I will give you rest.” “Take my rest,” says the Sunday law, “or I will lock you up.”

“WE beseech you,” says the embassador for Christ, “Be ye reconciled to God.” “We command you,” says the religious law-maker, “be ye outwardly religious, whether you are reconciled to God or not.”

GOD’S way of national reform is to write his law in the people’s hearts. Man’s way of national reform is to write God’s name in the Constitution. Which is the better way?

OF the kingdom of God it is authoritatively stated, “The kingdom of God is within you.” It is not visible in the world, but is in the heart of the Christian believer. But of no earthly kingdom or government can it be said that it is within the heart. The sphere of the kingdom of God is distinct from that of earthly kingdoms, and the laws of the one cannot be of service to in the realm of the other.

“WHATSOEVER is not of faith, is sin.” This is scripture, and it may be assumed that every person claiming to be a Christian believes it. All such will admit, therefore, that it is better that a person should not perform a religious act at all, than to perform one without faith. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him” to whom every religious act is performed. Without faith any religious act is but a piece of sham and hypocrisy, mocking Him by whom faith has been ordained. And yet, plain as is this truth, vast multitudes of religious people in this land to-day are working diligently for the enactment and enforcement of laws to compel people to perform a religious act,—to observe Sunday; causing them perform this act without faith; compelling them to commit sin! And these people call themselves Christians, too.

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