“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 39, p. 609.

October 5, 1899

THE devil is a master hand at the game politics.

THE true theory of civil government is no respecter of persons.

IT is a good deal better to look at the dark side of truth, than at the bright side of error.

IMPERIALISM takes away the enlightening torch in the hand of the goddess of Liberty, and puts in its place a dripping sword.

SINCE the “prince of this world” is Satan, to ask Jesus Christ to be this world’s king under the present order of things, is to ask him to go into partnership with the devil.

THE “powers that be” which are “ordained of God,” are not the power ordained of God to spread the gospel in the earth and turn wicked men “from the power of Satan unto God.”

WHAT is the use of trying to overthrow the demon of Sabbath desecration, by means which have proved wholly inadequate to dethrone the demon of intemperance? Only that which will cast up the latter from its seat of power in the heart, can put down the former. The true remedy for one moral evil is a remedy for all.

IF there could be such a thing as a “civil” weekly Sabbath, it would be necessarily a counterfeit of the divine institution, and would therefore be under the divine condemnation.

IT matters not what any man may do to become morally better if he does not believe the Word of God; and as belief must be wholly a voluntary act, it follows that men can not be made better than they are—society can not be saved—by any system of force.

AMS NO one can keep a command of God without faith, and Sabbath-keeping is a command of God, no one can keep the Sabbath without faith: and therefore all the resolutions that can be passed by trades unions, or legislation enacted, on the subject Sabbath observance, can not promote such observance in the least.

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