“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 4, p. 49.

January 26, 1899

HE who will not stand by the Declaration of Independence, will fall by dependence upon man.

AMS JESUS CHRIST never attempted to dictate to Cesar, so must his professed representatives of this day never attempt to be dictators in politics.

ANY tyrant is willing that people should be free and happy in the way he himself prescribes.

THE despot lives by governing other people; the patriot lives by governing himself.

ONE nation cannot declare independence for another. Each nation must declare and maintain independence for itself.

[Inset.] SOME OF THE GLORIES(?) OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM. TO THE Filipino, it means the privilege of doing what a foreign military governor, with the advice of the papacy, tells him to do, and not only doing what he is told to do, but doing it as he is told to do it. It means to him the enjoyment(?) of what has been aptly termed “canned liberty,“—the liberty of a dominating power for a subject people—such liberty precisely as King George III. offered the American colonies. To the American workingman, on the other hand, it means heavy burdens to be borne, in the shape of bills for a great army and navy, for a larger pension list, for extensive fortifications in the new possessions, and for the cost of meddling in the political quarrels of the Eastern Hemisphere. These are some of the glories(?) of this policy, and others are set forth in this issue of the AMERICAN SENTINEL.

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