“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 42, p. 657.

October 26, 1899

THE government tolerates no counterfeit of a thing upon which it has placed its stamp. And if such a counterfeit be wrong, what must be said of a counterfeit of that which bears the stamp of heaven?

COUNTERFEIT money interferes seriously with the business of earthly governments; and a religious counterfeit works no less evil in the government of God. Recognizing this truth, the devil has ever sought to force as many religious counterfeits upon the world as was in his power to do.

THE Sabbath is institution bears the stamp of Heaven, being “the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.” What, then, must be said of a weekly day of rest which is not the Sabbath of the Lord? What must be said, for example, of the “civil sabbath,” which is confessedly something different from the divine institution, although to most people it is just the same in appearance? Or what must be said of a weekly sabbath in which there is any alteration, however slight, from the Sabbath instituted for the race by the Creator? And is not an institution which most nearly resembles the divine institution, without being that institution in fact, the most dangerous of sabbath counterfeits?

THERE is a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit in the world, and its effects have been very widespread and disastrous. When the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples of Pentecost, some who were in their company said, “these men are drunk with new wine.” The Holy Spirit is given to fill man with joy, to lift them above the fears, discouragements and trials of this life; but men have been led to the use of wine and strong drink to attain to this desirable condition. And this has been a terrible illusion, bringing physical and moral death upon countless numbers, and engaging to-day the earnest endeavors of upright men and women to stay its progress.

AND surely those who cry against the gigantic evil of intemperance, who demand legislation against it, cannot consistently favor any counterfeit of that which is divine, or demand that man’s substitute for a divine institution be forced by legislation upon the people.

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