“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 43, p. 673.

November 2, 1899

IT doesn’t hurt anybody to be hit hard by the truth.

GOD has all might, but he never makes might the arbiter of right.

A Sunday law cannot be separated from the idea of a religious monopoly.

IN the light of the Golden Rule you will be able to see further and clearer than in any other.

IT is hard to arouse conscience in even the best of men by an appeal based on nothing better than tradition.

THE workingman ought to rest on the Sabbath; that is what God says. But God also says that he should rest from a religious motive, and that “whatsoever is not a faith is sin.”

THE civil power can at most furnish the church with no better support than a crutch; and the church in calling for and using civil power only proclaims herself a cripple. The divine plan is that the church, through faith shall be strengthened within herself so that she will be as strong as God himself to resist and overcome spiritual foes.

AMS AN evil principle is the deadly enemy of the man who holds to it, to attack such a principle is no evidence of an unfriendly feeling toward the man, or of lack of charity, but quite the reverse.

IF force can properly take the place of individual preference in religion, it can properly do the same in all secular affairs; since temporal affairs are of far less moment in any case than are those of eternity and of the soul. But arbitrary force in secular affairs is everywhere recognized as despotic and opposed to the rights of the people. To compel the conscience in any matter, therefore—as in the matter of Sabbath rest—is an act of despotism, and he who upholds it should be ready to apologize for or to justify despotism and all its other forms.

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