“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 46, p. 721.

November 23, 1899

IT is not the name of the thing, but the principle it embodies, that determines its character.

WHEN a Protestant church goes into politics, it becomes papal in everything but its name.

TO “PUT God into the Constitution,” is to try to harness a God of love to a government of force.

EVERY Sunday law, or other religious statute, represents an attempt of the legislature to be conscience for the people.

SOME good people look so steadfastly at the legal aspect of affairs that they lose sight altogether of their moral aspect.

THE man who assumes to be good enough to govern another man without the latter’s consent, assumes to better than God.

THE representative of military power comes to the heathen as their master; the Christian comes to all people as their servant.

POLITICALLY, a man accounts for but one; but as a Christian, he counts for one, and God. And yet some church people think a Christian’s vote represents his real and practical value in the community.

NECESSITY interfering with duty is like an irresistible force meeting and immovable obstacle. The one in whose experience this occurs is making some mistake in his calculations.

A SABBATH which rests on the authority God, has no need of support from the infinitely-lower authority of man; and when such authority is deemed necessary in support of the sabbath day, is it not plain evidence that the authority of God, as regards the day, has been repudiated?

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