“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 48, p. 753.

December 7, 1899

THE Sabbath that depends upon human laws to insure it, will certainly be lost.

RELIGIOUS questions should be adjusted in the community by religious forces only.

“REGARDLESS of consequences” is a vastly better le of conduct than “regardless of conscience.”

THE “Sunday-rest” associations appear to take less rest on Sunday than on any other day of the week.

IT is a far worse thing to violate justice in the name of law, than to violate laws in the name of justice.

NO PERSON ever became truly converted without having all desire to invoke the laws of man against any religion.

WHEN zealous church people take their religion into politics, the natural result is that politics get a religious coloring.

THE “Christian” sentiment of the community ought not to be distinguished from other sentiment by the civil law.

THE idea of many reforms that are being sought to-day is that of saving the individual from the sins of others. But God’s idea is to save an individual from his own sins. That is real salvation and real reform.

AMS THE domain of morality cannot be separate from that of religion, the civil law can as properly require obedience on religious grounds as on moral grounds. Civil government is not qualified to preserve morality, but only to preserve rights.

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