“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 50, p. 770.

December 21, 1899

A “SECULAR” government is simply one that does not interfere with any man’s religion.

NO RELIGION ever becomes so bad by itself as any religion when it is forced upon people by law.

THE “divine will in civil affairs” is that we should not render to Cesar the things that belong to God.

NO MAN can save the Sabbath while he is lost himself; and no man while he is saved can lose the Sabbath.

THE rights of men are preserved by the laws of men; but a higher law is necessary to preserve the rights of God.

THE civil law is not designed to supplement the will-power of any person, or to supply a moral deficiency in the makeup of his character.

THE representatives of the people that are chosen in civil government, are not chosen to represent the people in religion.

GOD has promised to write his name upon men, and his law in their hearts; but he has never promised to write either of these in the Constitution or any other document of state. Men may write God’s name there; but it will be a forgery unless written by God himself.

THAT which is human can be upheld by that which is divine; but human things cannot serve as a foundation for things divine, nor do the latter need the support of the human arm.

IT is useless for the legislature to say, “Let there be goodness in the place of evil in this community,” by enacting “moral” laws. Fiat morality is a far worse humbug than fiat money. There is One who alone has power to say, “Let there be righteousness in the place of iniquity;” and that One is He who by His word created light in the place of darkness.

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