“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 7, p. 97.

February 16, 1899

AN ounce of principle outweighs a pound of policy.

IN the shadow of despotism, the principles of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are discerned but dimply.

IF we have left the Constitution behind us, it is because we have turned our backs upon it.

THE pinnacle of greatness is dangerous standing ground for either an individual or a nation.

[Inset.] THE NEW TEMPTATION ON THE MOUNT—“Behold, all this will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”

THE United States stands upon a lofty summit of national greatness, and from this vantage ground the tempter presents all the glories of imperialism, which he will give simply in return for homage to himself. What matters it if the nation does overstep a few theories and principles set up in the government a hundred years ago, when world-wide empire is to be gained or lost? This is the thought in the mind of Columbia, and she hesitates. What will be the decision? Will she say to the tempter, “Get thee behind me”? or will she put behind her the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and bow to the dictates of Despotism?

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