“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 8, p. 113.

February 23, 1899

THE fragrance of Christianity is not disseminated by force.

WHEN Christianity is put into human law, all the love in it is left out.

FIRST be master of yourself; then you will not want to be master of anybody else.

EVERY man has the ability to govern himself, and no man has the ability to govern more than himself.

THERE is nothing about the true religion which would suggest a “blue law” even to an atheist.

THE true ambassador for God will seek to win men by the grace of God, not to command men by law.

SO LONG as God tolerates the devil, it will not look well for people taking the name of Christ to be intolerant of their brethren.

IF Christians will pay enough attention to the example of Christ, they will have no time or inclination to force others to pay attention to them.

IN the temple of liberty, the rights of the weak are represented at the top, not at the bottom.

THE more politics in the church, the more hypocrisy in legislation.

A NATION, like an individual, might often profit by having the grace to acknowledge itself in the wrong.

[Inset.] A TYPE OF STATESMAN DEVELOPED BY THE DEMAND FOR RELIGIOUS LEGISLATION. THE cry is made by the great religio-political organizations, that the country must have “Christian statesmen.” These great bodies aim, through their political power, to exclude from Congress and the legislatures men who do not conform to their ideas of Christianity. But when they pledge their power to the candidate who will vote for religious measures, many men will join hands with them with whom Christianity is a policy rather than a principle of the heart; and the legislative assemblies will be more than ever filled with men working for their own interests rather than the interests of the people.

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