“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 11.


THE Sunday laws are built upon the theory that man was made for the Sabbath.

COMPULSION, when exercised in religion, only stirs up unholy and bitter passions in the soul.

GOD’S idea in making the Sabbath was to save men; man’s idea in making Sunday laws is to save the Sabbath.

THE Creator’s Sabbath is perfectly fitted to the needs of all men; but a man-made Sabbath must have laws for forcing men into conformity with it.

SINCE the fourth commandment which covers the entire week, leaves no place for a “civil Sabbath,” it is plain that such a “sabbath” is condemned by the Word of God.

THE state may compel a person to be religious, but it cannot possibly make him a Christian. And only the Christian religion makes people better than they were before.

ONE vital difference between God’s law and man’s laws is that the latter have no love in them; and this is one great reason why human laws can have no rightful connection with religion.

GOD did not create individuals to save the state but he ordained the power of the state to serve the interests of individuals. The state was made only for time; but man was made for eternity.

THE Sunday laws are about the only things that connect the present age of enlightenment with the Dark Ages of medieval church-and-state times. Why not cut these connecting links instead of trying to make them stronger?

GOD has his own laws, his own penalties and his own remedies for sin, which are in force to-day; and he neither asks man’s help, nor will he tolerate man’s interference, in dealing with sin. Man’s laws are not to maintain righteousness, but rights. An act may be both a sin and a crime; but human tribunals can deal with it as a crime only.

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