“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 12.


THE purpose of Christianity is never to cast men out of the world, but always to cast the world out of men.

IT is a bad sign when the clergy get more concerned for the suppression of crime than for the salvation of men from sin.

IF you want a quiet Sabbath, spend the Sabbath day in the company of the “Lord of the Sabbath.” You will find no occasion to complain of being “disturbed.”

SEPARATED from religion, the state will never persecute; but joined with religion, the state will always persecute, because it will then be a party in a strife between opposing religions.

AMS THE Creator certainly worked on the first day of the week, it is plain that she Sunday law, which punishes men for following the Creator’s example, virtually makes the Creator a criminal.

A MAN may be perfect as measured by the best laws that men can enact and enforce, and yet be the worst sinner on earth, measured by the law of God. Righteousness cannot be secured by human law.

NO LAW or act of a legislature can make wrong right, or absolve any person from obligation to conform to the law of justice. Therefore the question, What is right? must always take precedence of the question, What is the law?

THE civil government can deal with sin, is at all, only through its laws. But as God himself cannot deal with sin by law, even his perfect law, and still save the sinner, it is evident that no civil government has any business to try to deal with sin at all. However immoral an act may be, if it is not an invasion of rights, it is outside the province of human law.

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