“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 13.

FORCE combined with religion always results in a retrograde movement.

TO UNITE religion with politics is not to elevate politics, but to degrade religion.

AMS the state must always carry the sword of justice, it is plainly disqualified for service in the capacity of a missionary.

THE truly Christian reformer will approach the people with the Word of God, and not presume to approach God with the word of the people.

GOOD laws are the result, not the cause, of right sentiment in the minds of the people. A true reform must begin with the people, not with the laws.

AMS human law can represent no love but only justice, and Christianity cannot be separated from love, it follows that Christianity cannot be expressed in the form of law.

THE Creator gave the Sabbath to all men “without money and without price;” but the Sunday laws have fixed a price upon it, and those who will not pay must be fined or sent to jail.

RELIGIOUS truth has in all ages found its way opposed by the barrier of religious legislation; and religious legislation has always represented an effort to dam up the tide of progress in religious knowledge.

THE state cannot be religious. The express purpose of religion—the gospel—is to provide a way of escape for the transgressor; while the express purpose of the state in its laws against crime, its police, and its courts, is to close up every avenue of escape against the transgressor.

FROM its very nature religious legislation must constitute a bond of union between the church and the world.

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