“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 14.

CHRISTIANITY demands the denial of self; the Sunday laws demand the denial of conscience.

MORALITY cannot be preserved by legality. The forms of godliness without the power amount to nothing.

THE religion which crucifies self will never ask for a law to save self from any cost incurred by obedience to God.

REAL Sabbath rest is not in a Sabbath law, or in idleness, but in the Sabbath itself; and only he enjoys it who takes the Sabbath as the gift of the Creator.

IF a person has any rights at all, he has all the rights with which man has been endowed by the Creator. He cannot be denied one right without in principle being denied all.

BECAUSE the true Sabbath is a religious institution, any weekly Sabbath must borrow from it a religious character, just as any imitation derives its significance from the thing imitated.

THE spirit of Christianity does not prompt a person to inquire of the Lord what his neighbor ought to do, or to inform the legislature of how his neighbor should be made to act, on the Sabbath.

THE state may command men in religious observance now, but it will not answer for them finally at the bar of Him who alone has authority in religion.

IT is a bad thing to enact an unjust law, but a worse thing to enforce it after it is passed. If a bad law ought to be enforced, upon the same principle a bad character ought to be protected in doing injury to the public.

THE true Sabbath—the “Sabbath of the Lord”—is immortal because it is the same now that it was when God created it. Hence no one need be worried over the question of its preservation. Only that which has in it the seeds of sin and death needs to be guarded against the liability of destruction.

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