“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 15.

NO PERSON can gain moral strength by leaning on the law.

CIVIL law may be an obstacle to conscience, but never an aid.

RELIGION cannot be bound by binding the men who profess and teach it.

TO ENFORCE a religious observance is to put law in the seat of conscience.

THE more the church enters politics, the more will politics enter the church.

RIGHT and justice were established before there was any such thing as a majority vote.

SABBATH rest is an excellent thing in itself; but it never does the person any good upon whom it is forced.

THE powers that be are ordained of God, but the voice of the former must not be mistaken for the voice of the latter.

THE enforcement of the Sunday laws makes more real disturbance on Sunday than is caused by any amount of honest labor.

CONSCIENCE may sometimes lead an individual wrong; but without conscience, another power will control the individual which will always lead him wrong.

MAN’S prohibition can never stand where God has planted his permission; and he has permitted labor on the first day of the week, both by precept and by his own example.

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