“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 16.


CONSCIENCE can be properly surrendered only to the Word of God.

LAWS touching religion interpose the state between the soul and its Creator.

THE duties we are to render to Cesar are never those which belong to God.

GOD does not force any of his gifts upon mankind, and no man ought to try to force His gifts upon his fellowmen.

LAWS which are to maintain justice between man and man, must be founded upon something else than religious belief.

IT is one thing to demonstrate the necessity of a weekly rest, and quite another thing to demonstrate the propriety of a Sunday law.

JESUS CHRIST’S solution for the workingman’s rest problem, and the only solution he ever advocated, is, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor, and are heavy laden; and I will give you rest.” Have clergymen found a better one to-day?

THE Sunday laws, as enforced in some States, give the seventh-day keeper the alternative of dispensing with his property or dispensing with his conscience.

HOW CAN Sunday be both a religious and a “civil” Sabbath? How can a thing be both sacred and secular law? both tall and short? both white and black? Who can tell?

LIGHT needs no protection against darkness, nor truth against error, nor Christianity against false religions. When men are protected in their rights, religion will take care of itself.

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