“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 17.


HOW CAN the state be religious without maintaining a state religion?

UNION of church and state leads surely to disunion, discord and strife between church and state.

GOVERNMENT support of church institutions is only an indirect form of government support of the church.

IT is the right of every person to be in the wrong, in every matter that does not involve the rights of others.

A SUNDAY law represents an effort to conform the world to the church; but such conformity always makes the church more like the world.

THE Omniscient made only one kind of Sabbath. It was left for human wisdom to discover the “necessity” for both a religious and a “civil” day.

THE purpose of civil law is not to force all people into uniformity of action; for such uniformity is both against liberty and against unity. Diversity, within proper limits, is much more desirable than uniformity.

THE physical needs of mankind do not demand rest upon Sunday more than upon any other day of the week; and the moral needs of mankind demand freedom of choice in the selection of the day.

THERE is as much reason for a civil law enforcing the first or the tenth precept of the Decalogue, as for one enforcing the fourth precept. One part of the divine law does not differ in character from another part.

THERE is nothing gained for the cause of religion by forcing men to pay a hypocritical homage to one of its institutions. Every religious law is against Christianity, because it creates hypocrisy, which is an antichristian thing.

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