“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 3

January 18, 1900


ALL men have equal rights because all are created in the image of God.

SABBATH-KEEPERS cannot be made out of Sabbath-breakers by any process but a change of heart.

THE laws of men can uphold no standard of morality that rises higher than the level of human wisdom.

THE good neighbor and a good citizen is always the man who adheres strictly to the dictates of his conscience.

NO MAN can yield his conscience to Cesar and to God at the same time. The domain of conscience does not admit of two sovereigns.

PEOPLE who venture to interfere with the conscience of others because of religious differences, would do well to remember that conscience is strictly a divine and not a human institution.

THE “national conscience” is the conscience of the majority, and the majority represent only a power and authority that are human. In religion, the majority have nearly always been in the wrong. God is the only authority in religion, and in religion he speaks to the majority through each individual, and not to each individual through the majority.

THE Sunday laws do violence to the rights of all people, no less than to those of the class are made to suffer by them. There are a restriction upon religious freedom.

SINCE the carnal mind is not subject to the law of God, and cannot be, as the Scriptures declare, it is plainly unscriptural and wrong to attempt to enforce the law of God, or Christian morality, by the law of man. And no other kind of morality ought to be enforced by any law.

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