“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 4

January 25, 1900


INTOLERANCE of man is never an attribute of Christianity.

NO WEAPON of Christian warfare is made to coerce men into doing right.

THE Sabbath was given to man without any law save the law God; and it needs no new support to-day.

IF men do not keep the Sabbath, that does not hurt the Sabbath, but it injures those for whom the Sabbath was made. They, and not the Sabbath, need protection; but the protection they need is to be kept from the power of sin in their own hearts, and that protection only God can supply.

AMS MORALITY is inseparable from religion, legislation cannot be based upon moral grounds without also resting on religious grounds, and thus becoming religious legislation. Proper legislation is not to preserve morals, but rights. The preservation of morality can be accomplished only by spiritual agencies.

NO PERSON is authorized to define the meaning of the Word of God for another person, or for the Government; nor can this authority belong to any number of persons together. The Holy Spirit alone holds the office of making clear to the mind the meaning of the divine Word, to each and every mind individually.

THE natural right of every man to be let alone by others, to enjoy himself in this life in whatever way he may feel inclined, is a self-evident truth,—one that all men recognize alike. It is the one ground that is common to all,—the one ground upon which all men have equality one with another. Hence it is the one proper ground of human legislation. Moral truths are not self-evident, and the authority for moral truths is not one which all men recognize, and to attempt to define and enforce moral truths would necessarily involve a despotism of one class over another. It is a part of each person’s business to preserve his freedom of thought and action (within the bounds of natural rights) unmolested; but it is no part of his business to molest others by imposing upon them his views of moral or religious duty. The right of liberty for one is the right of liberty for all.

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