“Front Page” American Sentinel 15, 5.

THE Sunday law contains the germ of a “Sabbath trust”—a monopoly on Sabbath observance. The meaning of the Sunday law, is, “Our Sabbath or none.”

THE heart is the fountain head of the good or evil that blesses or curses society; and only that which can reach the heart can help to cleanse society of its wickedness.

THE true Sabbath keeper is not willing to break the Sabbath in order to find out whether some one else is keeping it, or to force some one else to keep it, or to hire others to do these things.

THE perfect man is simply justified by the moral law, and the transgressor is simply condemned by it. In no case has the law—even the divine law—any power to lift men to a higher moral plane.

IF it had been possible to make men good by law, there would have been no gospel pointing to Jesus Christ as the one and only way of salvation; and every scheme to make men good by law denies the necessity of the gospel.

THE person who tries to drive another person to the Lord, must necessarily be further from the Lord than is the one whom he would drive, since the object driven must always move away from the driver. The individual who comes nearer to God must always be drawn, not driven. This is why individuals and society cannot be made better by law.

THE Sabbath cannot be kept on two days in the same week; for to observe two days by rest from work is not Sabbath observance, since the very essence of Sabbath keeping is the setting apart of one day of the week, by rest, from all the others. Exodus 20:8-11.

GOD made the day for work, and the night for rest. He made the first six days of the week for the pursuance of secular affairs, and the seventh day for rest from secular labors, and the consideration of things spiritual. This is God’s order and God’s law. Men have been trying to improve upon it ever since it was instituted, but they have never succeeded, and never will.

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