“Georgia Methodists and Sunday Closing” The American Sentinel 7, 2, p. 14.

AT the recent session of the North Georgia Conference of Southern Methodists, they passed resolutions calling on the managers of the World’s Fair to close that exhibition on Sunday, and also pleading that Sunday rest be granted to the railroad men.

Let the Church work for the conversion of men, and leave the Fair to look after itself. And also let it tell the railroad men, and everybody else, that they now have the privilege to rest on Sunday if they wish to, and no one can hinder them. But the North Georgia Conference doubtless means by its vote that it wants the railroad men to be allowed to rest without any danger of losing his job. However a church that wants a man to be allowed to observe a religious institution without making any sacrifices, has certainly overlooked a very essential point in the teachings of Christ. If a man has convictions in the matter he should follow them regardless of business positions or anything of the kind. If he does not have convictions, he should not be compelled, by law, to follow what some one else may regard as right or duty.

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