“‘His Holiness’” American Sentinel 13, 17, pp. 258, 259.

IT seems that the title “His Holiness” is not exclusively the property of the pope, but is held by several leaders of religious sects in India, the title being recognized by their followers as that of the pope is by Roman Catholics. Of course, the title means just as much in their cases as in that of the pope. No person can become [259] or remain holy by virtue of the position which he occupies. No person can be invested with holiness by vote.

Why non-Catholics should recognize this title as one properly designating the pope, is a question that is not clear. It is an assumed title, a title which no person or persons on earth have authority to confer on anybody, and which no mortal can take to himself without being guilty of blasphemy. Surely the Protestant world at least ought to be cognizant of these facts.

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