“Ignorant or Traitorous, Which?” American Sentinel 10, 5, pp. 36, 37.

THE Christian Statesman, the spokesman of the National Reform Association,—that organization which gave birth to, and faithfully fostered that un-American combination of popular Protestantism, which forced from the Congress of the United States, in 1892, the first distinctive religious legislation ever enacted by our National Legislature,—has something to say in its issue of January 12, on the Roman Catholic question, that will interest our readers.

In order that we may get the point in question quickly and sharply before the reader, we will print in parallel columns several utterances of the Statesman, together with the one referred to:—

1894 & 1894.
This common interest [interest of religious people in the legal enforcement of Sunday observance] ought to strengthen both our determination to work and our readiness to
 with our Roman Catholic fellow-citizens. We may be subjected to some rebuffs in our first proffers, for the time is not yet come when the Roman Church will strike hands with other churches, as such; but the time has come to
make repeated advances

gladly accept co
öperation in any form
 in which they may be willing to exhibit it. It is one of the necessities of the situation.
It becomes us, Americans, to look at once into the secret plottings of this political church [Roman Catholic]. They are striving with mighty energy to gain control of the whole Government of America. National and State, as well as municipal. The assertion is ventured without much fear of mistake, that they have already succeded to an extent that if it were known to the people, would turn our faces white with fear and wrath.
Christian Statesman, Aug. 31, 1884

Christian Statesman

Sept. 1, 1894

Whenever they [Roman Catholics] are willing to coöperate in resisting the progress of political atheism, we will gladly join hands with them.
This system [Roman Catholic] is one of the gravest dangers threatening our land to-day. Fidelity to the cause of Christian civil government demands that this enemy of our civil and religious liberties shall be vigilantly opposed. Our readers would do well to obtain a book, to which we call attention in another column—“Romanism Analyzed.” This gives a comprehensive sive view of the system which has been of necessity a curse to every land where it has prevailed.

Christian Statesman, Dec. 11, 1884


Christian Statesman, Jan. 12, 1895


Question: Were the leaders of the “National Reform” element ignorant, in 1884, of the character and aims of the Roman Catholic system? It cannot be that they were, for they are D.D.’s and LL. D.’s, and are men with gray hairs. More than that, they are Covenanters, and who, if not a Covenanter, ought to know what that system has done to crush liberty? That they did know is apparent from the expression, “It is one of the necessities of the situation.” We are therefore impelled to the conclusion that the managers of the movement to secure the control of the National Government in the interests of enforced Sunday [37] observance and kindred objects, were hob-a-nobbing with the Roman Catholic system, and suffering rebuffs to secure its coöperation; and were courting a system which they knew to be “a curse to every land where it has prevailed,” and “the greatest danger threatening our land to-day,“—a system that was “plotting to gain control of the whole Government of America, National and State, as well as municipal.” It therefore follows that since these men were not ignorant of the most patent facts of history, they must have been treacherously and traitorously joining forces with that system which is the “enemy of our civil and religious liberties,” “a curse to every land where it has prevailed.” [40]

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