“It Needs Explanation” American Sentinel 12, 45, pp. 705, 706.

ONE of the speakers at a Christian Endeavor convention held recently in Lynn, Mass., was the Rev. C. P. Mills, who, in defining the relation of Christian Endeavor to citizenship, said this:—

“Christianity is essentially political. The church as such does not go into politics, but it makes politics go.”

It is such doctrine as this that the Christian Endeavor youth of the country are imbibing from their clerical instructors. Both by precept and example on the part of the latter these youth are being taught that Christianity is essentially political, and that the chief mission of the church is to make politics “go.” The only result of such training that can possibly follow, will be the setting up in the great Christian Endeavor society of a union of religion with politics, which can mean nothing else than a union of church and state.

It would certainly be very much in order if the Rev. [706] Mr. Mills would explain how it is that the church is to make politics “go” without going into politics. Politicians find it necessary to go into politics to the fullest extent of their powers, if they succeed in making politics “go” in a manner to suit them; and even then they do not always succeed in their efforts. To think of making politics “go” without going into politics at all, would be scouted by any politician as the most visionary idea that could be mentioned. And yet we are gravely assured that the church is going to accomplish this very thing. It is strange that those giving such an assurance can successfully appeal to such an extent to the credulity of intelligent people.

No; the church will certainly go into politics when she makes politics “go.” And why should she not, if Christianity itself is “essentially political”? History tells us over and over again just how the church will proceed in such a matter. She will proceed as she has done in historical instances of gaining control of the civil power, and the result will be just what it was on those occasions.

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