“Let the Lord Decide It” American Sentinel 14, 44, p. 690.

IN the correspondence columns of The Defender, organ of the New England Sabbath Protective League, we note this from a friend of that journal:—

“My heart weeps in agony of spirit many, many times, and groans with anguish, it seems to me like is Jesus felt. The time is short and the work is great. O Lord! fight thou by thy mighty Spirit working in the hearts of the people. Make them to see, hear and understand the Word and then repent and obey, for thy name’s sake and thine own honor and glory.”

We are glad to find in The Defender that to which we can heartily say, Amen! as we do to this. Here is a word from someone who is genuinely and deeply distressed at the sight of the immorality and wickedness that is evident on all sides, which is a feeling that does him honor, no matter if some of it is caused by what he sees of the desecration of Sunday. He honestly believes Sunday to be a sacred day and its desecration a sin, and we have no fault to find with a man for being honest in anything. And he prays that God may counteract the abounding wickedness by his “mighty Spirit working in the hearts of the people.” This is the right kind of prayer, an addressed to the right place. Friends, address your prayers to God and not to the legislatures. God is not dead. He has vastly more power than have the legislatures, and is much more likely hear than they are; indeed, he is certain to hear every prayer made according to his will. And his will is plainly stated in his Word.

Why not let the Sunday issue be decided by an appeal to God, to whom the Sabbath day belongs? Let him settle it by working through his Spirit upon the people. The SENTINEL is in full sympathy with every prayer addressed to him to this effect.

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