“Must but Can’t” American Sentinel 9, 28, p. 223.

THE Des Moines Register remarks that “the national Government must at the earliest date possible withdraw all support from sectarian Indian schools. This complication between the Government and the various church denominations still exists and is still a menace to the spirit of our country, which is against all connection between Church and State.”

Well, the earliest possible moment in which the Government can stop this thing is the present; but it will not stop; and yet the Register says it must. Why then does not the Government do at once that which it must do at the earliest possible moment? It does not do it simply because Congress, a part of the Government, won’t let it; and Congress won’t let it because so many members of that body know that if they offend Rome they will have to retire from politics; in short, they could not “come back” to Washington again; and that this threat is potent with the average congressman was amply demonstrated in the matter of the World’s Fair legislation. Congressmen confessed it openly. And now the nation is well nigh helpless in the grasp of Rome because of the recreancy of so-called Protestants to Protestant and American principles.

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