“No American Sabbath” American Sentinel 11, 5, p. 34.

AMS reported in the World, of January 21, the first vice-president of the New England Sabbath Protective League, Rev. Ruen Thomas, has declared that there is no “American sabbath.” While presiding at a meeting of the league, January 20, he said: “I always object to the use of the phrase, ‘The American sabbath,’ as occasionally used by the secretary. There is no American sabbath; Americans did not originate the Sabbath.”

This is a true statement, and in harmony what the SENTINEL has often said. We are pleased to note such an opinion coming from an official of a “Sabbath Protective League.” God made the Sabbath, by resting upon and sanctifying the seventh day, at the close of the creation week; and if people would disabuse their minds of the idea that we have in this country an “American sabbath,” to be preserved like any American institution, they would see that God himself has, in the fourth commandment, enacted all the legislation necessary for the preservation of the Sabbath through all time.

We also note with pleasure that this New England “Sabbath League,” “came out flatfooted,” as reported, “against a revival of Blue Law practices.” In this they set a good example, which we trust may prove contagious.

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