“Not Based on the Law of God” American Sentinel 12, 32, pp. 502, 503.

IT is a common idea that certain human laws are based upon the law of God. For example, it is frequently asserted that the common statute against “Sabbath desecration” is based upon the fourth commandment of the Decalogue. There is an assumption in this which is but little, if anything, short of blasphemy. Does man’s law rise higher than the law of God? Is the divine law a mere underlying principle upon which man needs to rear the superstructure of thought and expression which will apply it to human affairs? To affirm such an idea would be to deny that God has the attributes of deity. No; the law of God is as high as heaven itself and cannot be made a basis of anything by finite man. Moreover, it [503] is perfect, and therefore will allow of no additions. Human law cannot be based upon divine law. Human law can be based only upon those principles of justice which govern the relations of each man to his fellows. If it is not based upon this, it has no foundation in truth and right.

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