“Note” American Sentinel 12, 1, p. 5.

THE Paulist Fathers of New York City, whose specialty it is to Catholicize the Protestants of the United States, have extended to Canada their mission enterprise. “Rev.” Walter Elliott, with whose work our readers are somewhat acquainted, has lately been on a tour up there. In his report, referring to his question-box, he says:—

“Among the questions was one affirming justification by faith alone, a novelty in our experience, and showing the primitive type of Protestantism in this part of Canada…. Another question was pertinent and impertinent: ‘Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ (St. John 3:3.) Are you born again?”

These are interesting statements. Mr. Elliott has been touring thus for several years. He has been west as far as Iowa, and has had good-sized audiences in all sections. And yet to find a person “affirming justification alone” is “a novelty” in his experience. Now, justification by faith alone, is Christianity. This, then, is equivalent to saying that to find a person affirming Christianity is a novelty in his experience. This in turn shows one of two things—either there is a great dearth of Christianity among the people whom he meets, or else there is a greater dearth of those who are ready to affirm it.

Again: Mr. Elliott says that the question asked him, “Are you born again,” was “impertinent.” No one needs any better evidence than this, that the Rev. Walter Elliott is not born again. For the man who is really born again will never consider it impertinent to be asked such a question.

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