“Note” American Sentinel 12, 43, p. 674.

IT was wisely said by Melancthon that God has not made “our knowledge all of a size any more than our bodies,” and that therefore people should “be afraid of making the articles of their faith too numerous lest they shortly become heretics themselves by disagreeing with themselves; and should be afraid of making too strict laws for those who differ in judgment on controvertible points, lest they should shortly change their own judgments, and so make a rod for their own backs.” The wisdom of that observation has been demonstrated in every case of legislation in behalf of religious customs, rites, or institutions, that there has been in the history of the world.

THE Christian Citizen says, “Except the state believe on Christ and accept and apply his law of righteousness and love as the fundamental law of the land, it cannot be saved.”

And the Lord said, “He that believeth and he baptized, shall be saved.”

Now will the Christian Citizen tell the people how the state can be baptized when it does “believe on Christ?”

Will the Christian Citizen tell the people, in a plain deliberate, and thoughtful way, just what the state is?

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