“Note” American Sentinel 12, 8, p. 118,122 and 123.

WE have reached a time when individualism finds its sole refuge in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

AN exchange says that “The ministers of Salt Lake City, Utah, have passed resolutions recommending capital punishment, based on these grounds, to wit: ‘That the Bible favors the infliction of the death penalty for the crime of murder; that the Lord has never ordered it repealed; that it has never been repealed, and is, consequently, still in force; that such being the undisputed [123] facts in the case, it follows that it is right; and therefore the Utah legislature should so recognize it and make laws in conformity.”

This is the doctrine that the United States Government is asked to accept in the proposed “Christian Amendment” to the Constitution. By that amendment, the Government would be bound to enforce by civil penalties all that is commanded in the Word of God and not repealed. And as the Bible leaves no side of human life and duty untouched, but covers all by its precepts, the Government, having passed the amendment, would merely have to consider theological questions as to what the Bible enjoins. And of course it would devolve on the theologians to say what a command of Scripture means, and whether it has been repealed, or is still in force. This would make of Congress an assembly of contending theologians? It is our impression that there is enough of such controversy in the country as it is.

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