“Note” American Sentinel 14, 19, p. 288.

It is well known by all that those Americans who oppose the conduct of the United States in the Philippines, do so solely upon the principles of the Declaration of Independence. And yet the sending of such literature to the Filipinos is definitely denounced as treason by the imperialist newspapers. And the most peculiar thing about the whole matter is that the charge of treason against such conduct is not far from correct; for the Constitution defines treason as the levying war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. And since the United States counts the Filipinos as enemies, and as guilty of levying war, it is plain that to justify them in it and encourage them in their resistance by sending them literature, even though it can all be done with the plain reading of the Declaration of Independence, can be made to appear as at least akin to giving them aid and comfort. But what a queer turn of affairs it is by which loyalty to the fundamental principles of the Government of the United States becomes treason against the Government of the United States! Then this what could more plainly mark the complete apostasy of the Government of the United States? And what but national ruin can possibly follow such national apostasy?

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