“Noted” American Sentinel 12, 23, pp. 358, 359.

THE Catholic Standard and Times, of May 15, makes mention of the recent rebellion of the Catholic members of the Ninth New York regiment against an order to attend religious service in Bloomingdale Reformed Church. New York City; in justification of which it says:—

“We believe there is no rule of the service compelling Catholics to attend a form of service offensive to their feelings and which, as individuals, they are prohibited by their own church under pain of sin from attending.”

The Catholics were right in refusing to attend religious service at the dictation of the Government; and they would be equally right in refusing to do a religious act at the dictation of the church. In each case the dictation is that of man, and therefore essentially the same in character. The Government has as good right to [349] compel the performance of a religious act as the church has to prohibit it.

The individual is responsible to God for the character of his actions. And when he submits to any human dictation in religion, whether from State or Church, he denies God’s right to govern his actions by the divine principle of love, and to guide him by His Word and His Spirit.

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