“Notes” American Sentinel 13, 28, p. 433.

July 21, 1898

AN ounce of consecration is worth a pound of talent.

RELIGIOUS legislation puts law in the place of conscience.

NO STATE was ever known to be saved by a profession of religion.

HUMAN nature and heathenism have been in partnership since the fall.

NO MAN who appreciates liberty desires to withhold any degree of it from his neighbor.

THE peace which is needed in this world is not the kind that has to be imposed on people by force.

THE Sabbath, as God’s memorial, can no more be lost or changed by the acts of men than can the rainbow.

JESUS CHRIST is the true rest-giver; but he commands no person to receive it; he only invites men to come to him.

THE country has plenty of men who are willing to die for it; what it needs is men who are willing to live for it.

THE world’s peace is maintained by the rule of earthly powers; with the Christian, peace itself is the ruling power.

A LEGISLATURE can enact a Sabbath law with exactly the same propriety that it could set about the task of manufacturing rest for the people.

THE boy who tries to lift himself by the straps of his boots, is father to the man who thinks people can be made better by religious legislation.

THE Sabbath day is restful only to him who uses it religiously, as the Creator designed. It is God’s rest, and therefore the rest cannot be other than religious.

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