“Notes” American Sentinel 13, 29, p. 453.

July 28, 1898

“THE wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.”

HUMAN nature has always believed in a political gospel.

THE devil is the inventor of the much-tried plan of driving people to do right.

HEAVEN is free to all, but you cannot get into the other place without paying for it.

THE “higher” the criticism of God’s Word, the lower is the source from which it emanates.

POLICY is the sand upon which stand the houses that will be overthrown by the coming storm.

IF by God’s perfect law the world is condemned, how then by man’s crude law can it be saved?

WHEN men turn their backs on the Bible, they naturally think that the Bible is behind the times.

IN every transgression of the divine law, we bid an eternal farewell to all that we hold most dear.

THE lightest sin is heavy enough to sink the soul; the smallest is big enough to contain Calvary.

THE devil never pastes his true likeness upon the bill boards or gives his photograph to the public.

THE pathway of righteousness is too narrow and rough to be used by the “political machine.” The broad way is the path for it.

THE armory of the Christian supplies no weapons for killing men.

THE power of God unto salvation cannot reach the soul through the channel of human law.

TO DENY self until self is dead is the hardest battle a human being can fight, and the victor attains the loftiest heights of heroism.

[Inset.] The artist has depicted it in the effort of the clergyman to drive people out of the broad path of worldliness and carnality into the narrow way of righteousness, by bringing upon them the penalty of civil law. The attempt only drives them against a perpendicular wall which no human power can enable them to scale. No human power can place an individual in the pathway of obedience to God: all laws enacted for such a purpose are utterly futile. The individual must be lifted up from the broad and downward way into the high, narrow and upward way by the power of faith. Civil law is effective only in the field of natural rights.

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