“Notes” American Sentinel 13, 30, p. 469.

August 4, 1898

IT is never right to deny rights.

THE human race cannot legislate itself above itself.

TO DENY the rights of one individual, is to deny the rights of all.

THE more fighting there is done in the world, the more of it there seems to remain to be done.

THE worst form of dependence—the farthest from true independence—is to be dependent on sin for your enjoyment.

LET government guard the interests of the individual, and the interests of the masses will take care of themselves.

THE trouble with legislation as a lifting force, is that it has to use the earth as a fulcrum; consequently it can elevate nothing on the earth.

THERE is no more need of human legislation to enforce the law of God than there was for Uzzah of old to put forth his hand to steady the ark of God, for which he was immediately struck dead.

THE amazing unselfishness of God is revealed in the words spoken by him to sinful man—“Receive ye the Holy Ghost.”

IN ancient times men used to worship gold when it was made into molten or a graven image. To-day they have so far degenerated that they worship it in the crude state in which it is taken from the earth.

THE conscience of but a single individual may have all the authority and power of Omnipotence behind it.

“THE state conscience” is one of many names by which despotish [sic.] seeks to hide his identity from the public.

NO MAN was ever able to “kill time,” but in trying to do so, a good many men have succeeded in killing themselves.

THE person who goes out of the pathway of God’s law to gain time, is quite apt to lose eternity as the result.

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