“Notes” American Sentinel 13, 32, p. 501.

August 18, 1898

CHRISTIAN character is not proved by profession, but by fruits.

THE devil is never so much a devil as when he appears the most unlike one.

IN every instance of religious legislation the devil argues to the world that God is a tyrant.

CARNAL warfare is by nature unchristian. There can be no Christian method of conducting it.

WHEN the eagle can become a dove, then can the United States become a Christian nation.

WHEN the State wraps about itself the mantle of religion, it becomes a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

[Inset.] The United States has been at war with Spain, and the American eagle has thoroughly demolished the Spanish flag. And strange as it may seem, this warlike bird claims to be a dove! The symbol of the United States Government clams to be the symbol of Christianity; in other words, the United States claims to be a Christian nation. It has been pronounced to be such by the Supreme Court, and the claim is maintained by statesmen and by the clergy; but can it be true? Manifestly not. The eagle is still an eagle, a warlike bird of prey, however often or loudly he may scream, “I am a dove.”

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