“Notes” American Sentinel 13, 33, pp. 517, 518.

August 25, 1898

“SAY ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy.”—Isaiah 8:12.

CHRISTIAN warfare aims to slay sin, but to save sinners; but carnal warfare aims to kill the sinner in his sin.

ALL men want to get to heaven, but the trouble is with the great majority that they want to get there in their own way.

THE Tower of Babel approached as near to heaven as heathenism approaches the righteousness of God.

THE Tower of Babel came through human pride; the Ladder of Jacob’s dream through divine humility.

KEEP your conscience not on a gold basis, but a truth basis.

IF man could ascend to heaven by his own works, he would but convert heaven into an earth by going there.

THE worst fall a man ever gets is from the pinnacle of his pride; and the loftier men carry their tower of babel, the worse will be the ruin in which it will finally involve them.

[Inset.] GOD’S WAY OF REACHING HEAVEN VS. MAN’S WAY. GOD’s way is by the Ladder of Jacob’s dream; man’s way is by the Tower of Babel. The structure reared in the plains of Shinar was symbolical of heathenism in all ages, which seeks to gain heaven by works. Multitudes to-day are striving to mount upwards by a tower of babel. Some rest upon their respectability, as did the Pharisees. Others think to approach God through penance. Millions are calling for legislation to make righteousness easy and sin hard; and all over the world is sounded the call for federation, to unite the good people of the earth in religious and political leagues, which shall sweep away earth’s wrongs and usher in the millennium. But there is only one true way of mounting to the throne of God, and that is by the divine Ladder upon which Jacob saw the angels ascending and descending,—that Ladder which is the Lord Jesus Christ.

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