“Notes” American Sentinel 13, 36, p. 565.

September 15, 1898

THE side of truth is the side of the true majority.

IF you are a follower of God, you will be a leader of men.

A SINGLE word from the throne of God outweighs the earth.

RELIGIOUS truth never requires the support of civil statutes.

LACK of Scriptural support for an institution up by any amount of support from other sources.

PEOPLE make a great mistake when they pass over the question of what is right, to consider what is custom and precedent. Right is always the true precedent.

TO SAY that the Sabbath needs the support of human enactments, is to say that the law of God needs such support; and that is to say that the law of God is very weak.

NO SUNDAY law was ever based upon the argument that the first day of the week is the seventh day, or that one day of the week will do as well for the Sabbath as another.

WHEN men set about enforcing the law of God, they argue that God is either too impotent to enforce his own enactments, or not wise enough to know when or how they should be enforced.

THE platform of religious truth is never overcrowded with church members.

NO REAMSON for Sabbath observance has ever been or can be devised which will be an improvement upon that specified by the Author of the Sabbath in the fourth commandment.

GOD’S law is the law of giving; man’s law the law of requiring.

IN the sphere of moral duties and privileges, ignorance is not bliss.

IT is better to walk alone in the path of right than to follow a multitude to do evil.

ALL religious legislation is an effort to substitute law for conscience in those upon whom it takes effect.

PIOUS motives and sincerity of purpose are not good substitutes for a knowledge of the truth.

NO INDIVIDUAL can find real Sabbath rest save by accepting the divine invitation given to all them “that labor and are heavy laden.”

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