“Notes” American Sentinel 13, 47, p. 741.

SIN never suffers much from the rebukes of sinners.

IMPERIALISM for the peoples of foreign lands to-day means imperialism at home to-morrow.

THE Government cannot support both the Catholic Church in Cuba and the principles of republican government in the United States at the same time.

GOD would rather an individual should do wrong, than be forced to do right.

THE size of an act makes no difference in the size of the principle which it involves.

THE principles of despotism are wont to masquerade the garb of philanthropy or of piety.

[Inset.] THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CUBA, TO MAINTAIN WHICH THE U. S. GOVERNMENT MAKES A “TEMPORARY” LOAN. THE United States Government proposes to see that the Catholic churches in Cuba are kept open as they have been under the rule of Spain, and to this end will appropriate whatever funds may be necessary for the maintenance of priests and other essentials of Roman Catholic worship. This will be a “temporary loan” for such a time as may be necessary before the church in Cuba shall be able to support herself,—so say the Catholic prelates which the Government has consulted in the matter. It is a support which may be kept up indefinitely, without any compensation in return, besides being in flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of free government. What do the American people think, and what will they do, about it? See articles on next page.

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