“Notes” American Sentinel 14, 31, p. 481.

August 10, 1899

THE Creator worked on the first day of the week; and why find fault with any man for following the example of the Creator? The reason why moral and social conditions are alarming to-day is not that men have followed the example of the Lord, but that they have not followed it.

[Inset.] A HOPELESS IDEA OF “REFORM.” THE would-be reformers of the day who depend upon the power of civil enactments to reform society, have summoned the legislators of the land to A hopeless task; namely, that of making the “narrow way” broad and smooth, and the “broad way” narrow and difficult. In other words, they want laws that will make it easy for people to do right, and difficult to do wrong. The illustration shows this modern type of “reformer” addressing a group of those to whom he looks for the realization of this idea of reform. He calls upon them to level down the mountain of which the narrow way leads to life, and make this way broad and smooth so that it can be easily traveled, and at the same time fill up the “broad way” leading to destruction, so that it will be made a difficult path. The narrow way cannot possibly be made smooth—right doing cannot be made easy—by any human reformer. For help in traveling the way of life the soul must look alone to God.

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