“Notes” American Sentinel 14, 6, p. 81.

February 9, 1899

NO INDIVIDUAL ever attained to true greatness by launching out upon a wave of popularity.

THE man of principle seeks to create public sentiment; the man of policy only wants to find it.

WHEN religion is made a football, it must naturally follow that multitudes will often find it beyond their reach.

RELIGION never gained anything from the approval of human majorities.

A GOVERNMENT cannot longer be called republican when it begins to reap where it has not strewed.

THE person who forsakes right principles to gain popularity or wealth, lets go of eternity to grasp at the fleeing shadow of Time.

[Inset.] RELIGION IN POLITICS—“THE FOOTBALL OF CONTENDING MAJORITIES.” A GREAT demand is being made to-day for religion in politics. But if religion is joined with politics, what will be the result? It must necessarily follow that religious questions will then be settled as political questions are—by the decision of the majority. And as majorities are constantly changing with the changes in public sentiment, and the power which they confer constantly alternating between one and the other of the contending political parties, religion will necessarily be subject to change with every political election, and will become as has been aptly stated, “the football of contending majorities.” No true friend of Christianity would wish to see it subjected to such conditions, or to see erected constantly varying standards of religious duty. The true standard of Christian duty is above all standards of human origin, and is unchanging through all ages.

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